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Mikey’s Tackle Box has proudly partnered with legendary Ottawa River Muskie Guide Bill Craig to design a line of Muskie Spinnerbaits unlike anything on the market. Bill has been called the “Grandfather of the Muskie Spinnerbait” and has been using them for over 35 years. Holding the World Live Release Record Fish, Bill knows what it takes to catch trophy Muskies and has offered his experience in the design of this unique Muskie Spinnerbait.

Designed on a split ring system, this spinnerbait allows for interchangeable blade harnesses that can be quickly switched on the water.


                                    - 2 - 5/0, 4x Eagle Claw Trebles

                                    - 0.0162 stainless steel wire form construction

                                    - Wolverine Triple Split Rings

This is  the best Muskie Trolling Bait on the Market!